Borrow Money. Buy Land.

A new online marketplace that connects borrowers and investors through land-backed loans

Our Mission

Making Land Investments More Accessible

LandBridge provides a simple fundraising model for our borrowers and attractive, land-secured assets for investors. We make both financing and investing in land a quick, convenient process so you can spend less time with banks and more time growing your business.


Secure The Financing You Need – Today

Developers can borrow money quickly and hassle-free with our online crowdfunding platform.

4-25 % APR
20-40% DOWN
0  Prepayment Penalties
Learn more about how LandBridge makes purchasing land easier than it’s ever been before.


A New Way To Invest In Land

Discover how accredited investors are earning solid returns through pre-vetted, land-backed, LandBridge-funded loans.

Annualized return

backed by first lien on land

LandBridge Loans – Pre-Funded and Land-Secured

How It Works

The LandBridge Process


Qualified borrowers use loans to purchase land, then pay interest monthly with flexible prepayment options


Using our cutting-edge underwriting system, LandBridge screens borrowers then prefunds the loans. LandBridge is a registered mortgage originator.


Investors purchase notes which correspond to fractions of the loan and receive monthly payments directly to their account.

Invest In The Future of America Through Peer-To-Peer Lending


Making an account on LandBridge takes only a few minutes and is obligation-free. Register today for better, more affordable financing.


Diversify your portfolio with high-yield, real estate-backed investment opportunities from the comfort of your home. Registering your account takes only a few minutes and gives you full benefits of everything LandBridge has to offer.